Posted by: Siegrid Ree | December 17, 2012

Should Beyonce Endorse Pepsi?

Beyoncé, the new face of bad dietary habits?

The debate has been heating up about Beyoncé endorsing Pepsi after being part of the Let’s Move campaign saying it’s pretty hypocritical to tell kids to exercise and be fit while drinking sugary drinks.

All I can say is that I think Pepsi fits the pop star’s image, that’s what Pepsi has always been about, a New Generation, independence and freedom from the old ways of the world, I think she definitely represents that.

But with American waistlines growing, how exactly can she possibly be about both brands? Because she’s not overweight. And therefore, because she exercises more than average people do, and she controls her eating more than average people do, she can pretend as if Pepsi is a fine beverage to drink. Forget about it pealing the acid off cars, it’s Show business is all about.

Pepsi commercials are the holy grail of Making it big time. I mean, she is already pretty big time, but with a Pepsi deal (and this time without burning off 1/2 her scalp (rip. Michael Jackson), her rocket ship is really going to be fueled for the future.

Beyoncé has been known to push the Envelope, from her racy fragrance ads to her general demeanor, I expect nothing else but envelope pushing controversy. As we have all heard, no press is bad press.

~ Siegrid

BTW, it looks like I’ve gained a few pounds… aha, no Pepsi for me!


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