Posted by: southeastslimdown | November 22, 2012

The fat team or the fit team?

I found this on Black girl’s guide to weight loss.

“There’s also this thing… the idea that leaving the ranks of the “oppressed” to join the ranks of the “oppressors.” Leaving behind “The Fat Team” to join “The Fit Team,” a lot of these folks simply enjoy being able to have the “power” of finally being able to do the clowning instead of remembering how it felt to be the butt of the joke and stopping it in its tracks. There’s pleasure, for some, in being able to be the bully instead of showing compassion… and that’s what it takes for them. For some people, they just enjoy the chance to “finally be the bully.” I do believe, for these people who demonize fat and enjoy being able to be the bully, it’s simply a matter of prioritizing “being skinny” too highly. It’s mildly creepy to me.
Excerpted from Losing Weight Makes You Hate “Fat People?” | A Black Girl’s Guide To Weight Loss

I’ve seen it in movies and heard about the whole fat team fit team thing, and while I never thought I bought into it, in actually I did and still kinda do. I do see the difference between fat and fit. It’s a terrible thing really. I think it’s a bad trait and I’d like to change that. But, I also don’t want to actually be fat. I can’t stand it. It’s painful on my joints, and on my body, not to mention my wardrobe and my wallet. Anyway… I digress. I’m down a few pounds, and I’m using my fitness pal. I’m kicking fat and depression in it’s ass this round. I’m not going to continue to go down this path anymore, changing my life around. Changing my “victimology” and changing my ideology. I am determined to be victorious!

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