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Cool post, totally not weight loss related, but wait loss related!

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Should Beyonce Endorse Pepsi?

Beyoncé, the new face of bad dietary habits?

The debate has been heating up about Beyoncé endorsing Pepsi after being part of the Let’s Move campaign saying it’s pretty hypocritical to tell kids to exercise and be fit while drinking sugary drinks.

All I can say is that I think Pepsi fits the pop star’s image, that’s what Pepsi has always been about, a New Generation, independence and freedom from the old ways of the world, I think she definitely represents that.

But with American waistlines growing, how exactly can she possibly be about both brands? Because she’s not overweight. And therefore, because she exercises more than average people do, and she controls her eating more than average people do, she can pretend as if Pepsi is a fine beverage to drink. Forget about it pealing the acid off cars, it’s Show business is all about.

Pepsi commercials are the holy grail of Making it big time. I mean, she is already pretty big time, but with a Pepsi deal (and this time without burning off 1/2 her scalp (rip. Michael Jackson), her rocket ship is really going to be fueled for the future.

Beyoncé has been known to push the Envelope, from her racy fragrance ads to her general demeanor, I expect nothing else but envelope pushing controversy. As we have all heard, no press is bad press.

~ Siegrid

BTW, it looks like I’ve gained a few pounds… aha, no Pepsi for me!


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Well now, she does have some good points, doesn’t she?


I am going to lose it completely.

Some of you read Kristen Lamb, who writes a blog about writing. It’s extremely popular and usually very helpful. But her latest post was a digression — an extended piece about being a size 10/12 and why she feels fat:

I am healthy, have beautiful skin and hair. I have enough energy to power a small city and am never sick, but I am still a size 10-12 and 170 pounds.

Why is it no one looks like me?

When we look on TV, we are confronted with extremes–super skinny or clinically obese. We are calling anorexics “beautiful” and calling dangerously obese women “curvy.” We are an a country that is dying because of euphemisms. I hear parents call morbidly obese children “husky,” “big-boned” or “muscular.” We have retailers calling anorexics “curvy.”

I get it. I’ve written about this as well.

But, seriously…

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Are Skinny Women Being Discriminated Against? New Kickstarter Campaign Aims to ‘Stand Up’ to ‘Fat Culture’

Britton Delizia recently launched a Kickstarter campaign to raise $20,000 for a book that celebrates thin bodies. Her goal? To collect images of women “standing up against a society that protects fat culture while bastardizing thin and athletic women.”

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What else is making me fat?

What else is making me fat?

I thought it was just what I was eating, but my body is storing a fibroid. The doctor told me that mine might be the size of a 5 month pregnancy? So is this my fault? Or is it the fault of the tumor? Or what I’m eating? I’ll find out soon and let you know!

So far, I’ve lost about 20 lbs, and I’m down another dress size! Drink that water! So delicious!

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The fat team or the fit team?

I found this on Black girl’s guide to weight loss.

“There’s also this thing… the idea that leaving the ranks of the “oppressed” to join the ranks of the “oppressors.” Leaving behind “The Fat Team” to join “The Fit Team,” a lot of these folks simply enjoy being able to have the “power” of finally being able to do the clowning instead of remembering how it felt to be the butt of the joke and stopping it in its tracks. There’s pleasure, for some, in being able to be the bully instead of showing compassion… and that’s what it takes for them. For some people, they just enjoy the chance to “finally be the bully.” I do believe, for these people who demonize fat and enjoy being able to be the bully, it’s simply a matter of prioritizing “being skinny” too highly. It’s mildly creepy to me.
Excerpted from Losing Weight Makes You Hate “Fat People?” | A Black Girl’s Guide To Weight Loss

I’ve seen it in movies and heard about the whole fat team fit team thing, and while I never thought I bought into it, in actually I did and still kinda do. I do see the difference between fat and fit. It’s a terrible thing really. I think it’s a bad trait and I’d like to change that. But, I also don’t want to actually be fat. I can’t stand it. It’s painful on my joints, and on my body, not to mention my wardrobe and my wallet. Anyway… I digress. I’m down a few pounds, and I’m using my fitness pal. I’m kicking fat and depression in it’s ass this round. I’m not going to continue to go down this path anymore, changing my life around. Changing my “victimology” and changing my ideology. I am determined to be victorious!

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Win a Vitamix Blender

Vitamix Blender


Win a Vitamix Blender

Okay, so I’m inspired to write a blog post not because I think I’m a great writer, or that I have anything of any real importance, but because I want to win a Vitamix in the Green Leaf’s and Banana’s contest.

For those of you who don’t know what a vitamix is, it’s like the top of the line blender.  From what I hear it can blend in a lot of different speeds and gives you the best bang for the buck.  They are also super pricey, like in the $500 plus range.

They seem like really good products and I’m determined to become healthier.  I hear those things can pulverize like nobody’s business.  So, they asked to write a blog to join the contest.  This is mine!

I’m also part of the 90 day smoothie challenge on Facebook, it’s a cool little challenge where you drink one green smoothie for Breakfast, one for lunch and then eat a healthy dinner. We are supposed to exercise 4 or 5 times a week for at least 30 – 45 mins.  Then we are posting pictures at 30, 60, & 90 days.   I know I would do better on it if I had a Vitamix!!!

Here’s a link to it so you can enter too.  Life is nothing without a little competition.  But I’m still hoping I win and not you!!  (gotta be honest)

Win a Vitamix on Facebook  

*Entries must be received by Midnight on 10/11/12 to qualify